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Saft Li-ion Range,Cutting-edge technology for high performance, Greater energy density, wider temperature and longer life in most circumstances, a Saft Li-ion battery will exchange double the amount of energy over its cycle lifetime as compared to competitor’s cells. This energy exchange over the cell’s cycle life can take place over a broad temperature range, beyond that of most commercial cells.

Please be aware these cells are not available for general sale as individual units as they are highly specialised cells and require the manufacturer’s approval of applications.We would be delighted to assist you with your request with a relevant design drawing attached to your enquiry


  • High operating voltage: 4.2-2.5 V range
  • High energy density: up to 385 Wh/l and 180 Wh/kg
  • Wide operating temperature range: – 20°C to + 60°C for charge, – 50°C to + 60°C for discharge for standard cells
  • Unrivalled low temperature performance
  • Maintenance-free reliability
  • Low life cycle cost
Product Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Terminal
VL 34480
VL 34570 See data sheet
VL 37570
MP 144350
MP 174565
MP 176065
VL 25500-125 See data sheet
VL 32600-125
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