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C&D Technologies Broadband Series

C&D Broadband batteries have the ability to operate effectively in broad temperature extremes, making them ideally suited for CATV applications. Gelled batteries more effectively dissipate internally generated heat. This results in a lower float current, thereby increasing battery float life. Our gel technology products will last significantly longer than other VRLA technologies in remote outdoor applications


  • Gelled electrolyte for superior thermal management and float service life
  • Lead calcium alloy grids for long life, minimal gassing and ease of recycling
  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) design
  • Gas recombination efficiency of up to 99% for freedom from electrolyte maintenance
  • Manufactured in North America’s first ISO 9001 certified battery plant
  • Convenient carrying handle-standard
Product Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Terminal
20Hr to 1.75Vpc L W H
BBA-160RT 12 88 317.8 173.4 202.1 28 L with 0.28" clearence hole
BBG-165RT 12 86.0 317.8 168.8 201.4 29 Threaded copper alloy insert
BBG-180RT 12 93.6 340.9 172.7 213.2 30 Threaded copper alloy insert
BBG-210RT 12 106 340.9 172.7 213.2 33.2 Threaded copper alloy insert
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