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Enersys Hawker Motive Power Ironclad Range

Ironclad® is the battery to meet the demands of even the toughest, heavy-duty applications. The battery is designed with the proven EnerSys® square tube technology to deliver higher sustained operating voltages and rugged reliability for higher productivity and longer life.
Ironclad outperforms other batteries with up to 15% more power, particularly at the higher discharge rates demanded by modern AC drive trucks. The battery’s design life of 1,800 cycles equates an extra year of life in many applications


  • More Power Ironclad batteries outperform other batteries with up to 15% more power, particularly at the higher discharge rates demanded by modern  AC drive trucks.
  • Maximum Run Time the Ironclad battery’s ability to sustain higher voltages, combined with industry leading capacity ratings, will extend the run time when compared to other conventional lead-acid battery design.
  • Longer Life thanks to their unique square tubular, positive plate design using Cladex tubing, these batteries can run with higher specific gravities, which, not only increase the power and run time but also lead to a longer service life.
  • Reduced Maintenance and Operating Costs Ironclad batteries can help decrease expensive truck maintenance because the higher sustained voltage and lower amp draw reduces heat and strain on the truck’s electrical components
Product Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Terminal
5Hr L W H
2 PzQ276 276 47 198 600 9.6 See Data Sheet
3 PzQ414 414 65 198 600 13.2 See Data Sheet
4 PzQ552 552 83 198 600 18.7 See Data Sheet
5 PzQ690 690 101 198 600 19.1 See Data Sheet
6PzQ828 828 119 198 600 24.2 See Data Sheet
2 PzQ516 516 65 198 750 27.2 See Data Sheet
4 PzQ688 688 83 198 750 35.3 See Data Sheet
5 PzQ860 860 101 198 750 43.3 See Data Sheet
6 PzQ1032 1032 119 198 750 51.5 See Data Sheet
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