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Enersys Hawker Specialist Power Range

Customised batteries for the mining industry. Explosion-proof rate ExeI. 80V to 120 V range , capacity of 350 to 640 Ah. They were certified in MAKNII – Ukraine in 2001. They show good results in service.

 Batteries for lighting of railway carriages. That type of batteries works well under low-temperature conditions. Supplied as 2V cells and 4V and 6V modules of capacity from 350 to 450Ah. These batteries are a successful replacement of the iron-nickel and nickel- cadmium cells and their price is considerably lower. They are easy to use and maintain. Their recycling is easy and cheap.


  • No water refilling required during the whole operational life.
    As a result, failures during water refilling.
  • No electrolyte leakage, as the electrolyte is fixed in the gel.
    As a result, no insulation faults, no dirty surfaces and no damage to the environment
  • Very little self-discharge
  • Suitable for medium, partly cyclical loads
  • Robust cell construction in tubular-plate design
  • Cells and batteries homologated by different european
    railways organisations
  • Compatible as spare battery for train lighting and Diesel start
  • Problem-free, cost-conscious cell replacement
  • Fully insulated, maintenance-free fastening technology
Product Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Terminal
5Hr L W H
No data available
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