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Optimise your energy consumption costs through reliable energy storage

FIAMM RES (Residential Energy Storage) is the most reliable solution to store energy generated by your renewable sources for residential consumption.

FIAMM RES has been specifically designed to ensure you significantly optimise the efficiency and performance of your PV/wind system. In fact, by storing your own energy independently not only will you reduce your electric bill, but also avoid having to feed any excess electricity you produce back into the grid.

Thanks to its 7.2 kWh, your house will always have the sufficient energy it needs to run, even during cloudy or windless conditions.In addition, FIAMM RES also functions as a reliable emergency UPS system by ensuring backup power supply in the event of grid disturbances or failure.


  • Sealed VRLA batteries with electrolyte immobilized in gel structure
  • Outstanding for deep discharges even at elevated temperatures
  • Maintenance-free without topping-up (excellent internal recombination)
  • Low gas emission design
  • Batteries equipped with flame arrestors designed to prevent any errant spark or flame from entering the batteries
  • Cabinet completely secured thanks to 1.3mm laminated steel doors
  •  Air vents and safety seals
  • Minimum floor space requirements thanks to the cabinet’s
    horizontal design
  • Safety elements and cabling provided with the system
  • Completely recyclable
Product Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Terminal
20Hr to 1.75Vpc L W H
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